Had the opportunity to work with Sweden’s client when they found me through a travel design concept on Dribbble. Being a travel agency with one of the largest Scandinavias agency focusing on Southern Africa, they wanted me to help on crafting the visual design, including working on the prototyping and front-end development.


Researrangörerna Nordic AB


UI Design
Front-End Dev


Work details

The website will be a large travel guide on travelling to Africa. The idea is to feed the users who are interested in travelling to Africa and navigate through the travel agency website and eventually buy a trip from them. In terms of content wise, it will be largely provided by the content creators.

The main goal is to make it as a number one website where user gets to read up everything about Africa before travelling.

Afrika Home Desktop
Afrika Home Slider
Afrika Home Slider
Afrika Home Slider
Afrika Home Slider

Search engine

Search engine is important as it has more than 40+ countries to be featured on the website. In addition, there are more cities content based on each country. To put it in consideration, the search function has to be more dynamic and intelligent so that users can quickly find the result they want.

Afrika Search Desktop

Country page

As the website probably going to feature about 40+ countries, it certainly needed a listing page to contain the info before user reaches to the specific country page. So in order to make the listing neat and easy to browse by the users, the idea is to design it in alphabetical order (A-Z), some featured countries will be designed in image block to make it more interesting, while the rest will be in text-based system.

For the country page, there will be rich in content such as ‘why you would travel to South Africa’, ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’. From here, users would navigate to each country of South Africa.

Afrika Country Listing Desktop
Afrika Country Desktop

City page

The layout design is similar to country page but with more content. It’d be more like a blog-type page to feature about what the city has along with beautiful images and videos. Some design modules from country page will be applied on this page as well such as ‘where to go’ and ‘other countries’ sections.

Afrika City Desktop
Afrika Home Mobile
Afrika Home Mobile
Afrika Country Listing Mobile
Afrika Search Mobile
Afrika Country Mobile
Afrika City Mobile