Groundwork is an interior design consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Unlike any other competitors, Groundwork is trying to make a different in the ID’s scene by making design accessible for everyone. Likewise to the website I did for them.




UI Design
Front-End Dev


Work details

The main objective of the website is to showcase some of their best work and eventually lead prospect consumer to get the quotation by answering some simple questions through typeform. In addition, there will be some updates from the company and basic contact info as well.

In terms of layout design, client has no any restriction and particularly mentioned that they do not prefer to have something too corporate. With such open-minded client, it will gonna be fun for me to explore and play wild with the design.

Groundwork Home Explore 1
Groundwork Home Explore 2
Groundwork Home Explore 3
Groundwork Home Explore 4
Groundwork Home Desktop

Project page

This page is the backbone of the website as it will determine if a consumer will get convinced to buy their product. Hence, we wanted to make sure the browsing experience is simple enough for them. While quality imagery playing an important role to achieve the best results.

Groundwork Project Desktop
Groundwork Projects Single Desktop

Updates page

In order to keep consumers engaging with the company, client’d like to feed them more info other than just their best work. To do so, they will need a page to feature some content such as collaboration with brands, awards, latest trend about ID and etc.

Groundwork Updates Desktop

Contact page

Basic contact info such as email, address and social media links are needed on the website to cater for the consumer who has further enquiries. Besides that, a button links to their sister company, The Makeover Rent that focuses on renovation for rent purposes. While Groundwork is focusing more on own stay and lifestyle.

Groundwork Contact Desktop
Groundwork Home Mobile
Groundwork Projects Mobile
Groundwork Contact Mobile
Groundwork Projects Single Mobile