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My Tee Times

A mobile app that allows golfter to conveniently book the tee times at their favourite golf courses with ease and at a competitive prices anytime and anywhere. Being a veteran golfter, client has the vision to make this app to be one of the top rated golf app in Malaysia.



UX/UI Design

My Tee Times

Work details

The objective of the mobile app is to ease the process of booking a tee times, client’d like the app to be user friendly enough that could convince golfters to use it at anytime and anywhere. One of the challenges is most golfters have the habit of call to book instead of booking online.

Other than that, client has to personally deal with the golf courses that involve complicated processes such as availability of tee times to be allocated for the online booking platform, commission rates, an admin dashboard for the course owners to set tee times availability, and many more.

My Tee Times Sitemap
Sitemap / Flowchart

UX Planning & UI Design

Sitemap allows us to understand the overall flow and determine the number of screens needed for the app. During the process, we have conducted a lot of ideas brainstorm session and discussion with client in order to make the result as seamless as possible.

Once the sitemap done, we will proceed to create the wireframes. It’s to make sure the structures get approval by client first before we start designing the UI. These processes are vital as it involves a lot of user interaction. With it, we can quickly get the result and make iteration if it doesn't meet to our requirements.

1.0 Welcome
2.0 Register New Account
2.1/2,2 Login & forgot password
3.0/3.1 Course listing & search result
3.2 Course Details
3.3/3.4 Summary & Booking Success
4.0/4.1 Upcoming & History Courses
5.0 / 5.1 Account & Setting


Light and dark mode are available based on user’s preferences. According to research, dark mode apps can prolong the battery life of your smartphone, and it can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions. While light mode can provides better browsing experience.

My Tee Times Light Mode
My Tee Times Dark Mode